If you’re looking to include your pup in the festivities this Halloween, we’re sharing our 2018 top costume picks to help you narrow down the selection. With fun options at various price points, we hope there’s something that fits everyones budget. Since prices can fluctuate, we’re using $ to show the range:

$ = $10 or less
$$ = $11 – $35
$$$ = $50 or more

Reminder: While dressing your pup up can be hilariously fun, make sure you’re taking into account how your dog acts when in costume. Some costumes can restrict movement, cause them to get overheated, inhibit their communication, or just make them downright miserable.  Watch for signs of discomfort and make sure you respond like a good pup parent.

Hippie Pup

Peace, love, and belly rubs.

$$  Sizes SM, M, L, XL
Purchase: Amazon

Unicorn Pup

Your pup will look magical in this adorable headpiece.

$  Sizes XS/S, M/L, XL
Purchase: Target

Elvis Pup

We couldn’t resist the whole “hound dog” opportunity here.

$$  Sizes SM, M
Purchase: Chewy.com

Pub Sub Pup

Ok so maybe this isn’t marketed as a Publix Sub, but we saw an opportunity.

$$  Sizes XS, SM, M, L
Purchase: Target

Donut Pup

We say scrap the coffee headpiece and just go with an Orlandough Pup. #seewhatwedidthere

$$  Sizes SM, M, L
Purchase: Amazon

Squirrel Pup

It’s only fair to be able to mock your nemesis at least once a year.

$$  Sizes SM, M, L, XL
Purchase: Amazon


Simba Pup

Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba Sithi uhm ingonyama! (yeah those are really the words)

$$ One Size, 2 Different Colors
Purchase: Amazon

Butterfly Pup

The cutest little Monarch we ever did see.

$$   Sizes XS, SM, M, L
Purchase: Amazon

Chick Magnet Pup

We love this clever, no frills costume for your handsome pup.

$$  Sizes SM, M, XL
Purchase: HalloweenExpress.com

DIY Berry Pup

Dog shirt + felt = one berry cute pup.

$$  Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL
DIY Instruction: Brit+Co
Red Dog Shirt: Amazon

Fiesta Pup

Do you even need a reason why a dog in a poncho just needs to happen? We didn’t think so.

$-$$  Sizes SM, M, L, XL
Purchase: Amazon


Wonder Woman Pup

Who run the world? This little gal.

$$  Sizes SM, M, L, XL
Purchase: Amazon

Prehistoric Pup

Even if this costume doesn’t interest you, the customer submitted photos are worth the click.

$$-$$$   Sizes XS, SM, M, L
Purchase: Amazon


Dapper Pup

Trying hard not to think of Chris Farley and this sketch, but it’s not working.

$  Sizes SM/M, M/L, L/XL
Purchase: Chewy.com


Hula Pup

Being on island time has never looked so cute.

$$  Sizes SM, M, L
Purchase: Amazon

Posted by:Laura